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Mar 29, 2011 3:00pm EDT
. is the threat to the u.s. and the world growing? murderous attacksing libyan forces answer president obama's address with a new round of attacks on civilians, according to the rebels. >>> and camelot, it's not. the new miniseries on jfk and jackie o., many historians say it's more fiction than fact. we speak to the producer 0 of the series ahead. >>> good afternoon. we begin with the disaster in japan where the prime minister says the country is in a stalts of maximum alert, this as the fukushima crisis worsens. japan officials have said they believe there's been a partial meltdown at three of the plants' six reactors, that's half. now today radioactive water has been discovered in the maintenance tunnel at the plant. in a a spatefrtepha fr l io ocns e nd ncte peltoeer he nnoced 2 etrothor nd, stonrm plonm seepifr the damaged nuclear power plant into the soil outside the facility. plutonium is years. but so far, officials claim the levels found are not harmful to human health. meanwhile, more traces of radiation have been found in the u.s., raising new concerns. today in california one of
Mar 1, 2011 3:00pm EST
and he joins us. >> good to be with you. >> your 21st term in the congress, and i'm assuming you've seen these kinds of high stakes politicking in the past. so of all members, tell us, will a deal be done on friday? >> i don't know. i can't tell you whether it will be done on friday. it is very controversial. but we are moving in right direction. there's no way to resolve this issue unless we talk. and so the two weeks gives us an opportunity, not only to just deal with a continued resolution that would take us two weeks, but we also have to deal with the debt ceiling and also to 2012 budget. so, i do hope that the leadership is trying to provide a solution to all of these problems, because the whole country, indeed the world, is waiting to see what we do. >> do congressional members realize that, while they claim to be acting in the public interest, the public has become deeply frustrated with their conduct because funding government for just two weeks, isn't that grossly inefficient? >> yes, and it's totally embarrassing. but you now, we have new members that have come here with a comm
Mar 8, 2011 3:00pm EST
backing control of the town of zawiyah, near tripoli. joining us live from benghazi is nbc's stephanie gosk. good evening, stephanie. >> reporter: good evening, martin. >> for much of the day, we've been waiting to hear from colonel gadhafi. we were promised some kind of live statement. where do we stand on that? >> reporter: well, our journalists in tripoli were told that he was going to speak, and then they were virtually held captive in their hotels waiting for him for seven hours and he didn't show up. this follows days after promises that the government was going to take journal its to the town of zawiyah, that we've been talking so much about, that's been under fire by pro-gadhafi forces and mixed reports who controls that up to. tho today they were held in this hotel. journalist as rested trying to get into zawiyah without the government's permission. it seems a bit of government manipulation of the press right now. >> we've seen this incredible video of an ongoing battle, air strikes, frankly. what have you seen today with your own eyes? >> reporter: well, the fighting right no
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3